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Our Special Mowing Unit is committed to strong, healthy, visually appealing lawns. We believe that a lawn is to be enjoyed, plain and simple. Whether gazing out your front window across the green expanse, watching the kids play in the luscious backyard, or stretching out on your soft bed of grass with a good book, you want to leave the work to Fredericton’s Lawn & Order.

Don’t lock up your time this summer!

Our full lawn care service includes regularly scheduled lawn mowing, snipping around the edges and blowing the walkways and driveway clean of clippings. We also offer spring cleanup to get your lawn off to a great start! And we provide a full range of additional landscaping services upon request such as mulching, debris removal and gutter cleaning, to name only a few.

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Let us know if you would like a spring cleanup and any additional landscaping services beyond regular lawn mowing.